At Ma Box Française, French food is above all about sharing — every time we share French food, we share the legacy of one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world. But we also bring back memories of travels and chance encounters, break down barriers and make new friends!

The aim of our founder, Merry Gelinard, is to exporting the French culinary experience — not only the food, but the human connection it inspires.


“Hello! My name is Merry Gelinard and I am a 27-year-old native of Nice, France. An entrepreneur at heart, I designed Ma Box Française for people who love the finest things in life.

In 2015, after multiple trips to the US, I decided to make Los Angeles my home for two years. Upon my return to France, I had a burning desire to bring the two countries closer together.
And so Ma Box Française was born!

Inspired from childhood memories, the boxes are designed for both nostalgic expatriates and Americans who love French products but have trouble finding them in the States. Each box is a unique experience and includes a recipe and other surprises designed to momentarily transport your heart and mind across the Atlantic.

Give yourself the gift of France!”