Maille - Black Truffle Olive Oil

Maille Truffle Olive Oil is a truffle oil using Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is naturally and artificially flavored with black truffle. Experience the amazing touch of truffle infused olive oil in any recipe.

This olive oil with truffle will perfectly enhance the taste of your salads, pastas, risotto, eggs or vegetables such as artichokes, leeks and eggplants. This black truffle oil works perfectly combined with the Maille balsamic vinegar of Modena to create the perfect dressing that your family will love.

Each bottle contains real black truffle pieces infused in extra virgin olive oil. Enhance the taste of salads, pastas and risottos. Cooking Truffle olive Oil designed for gourmet foods as well as everyday usage. A great gift for any Truffle Oil lover.


Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil, dried black truffle pieces, natural and artificial flavor.

Weight: 100ml